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Heart Offerings: Membership & Donations

Welcome Members and Friends!

We are so thankful for your support! Your contribution in these challenging times fills us with great gratitude. Your generosity is essential to our very existence! We deeply value your help to fufill our work to "hold and carry the Dharma for future generations."


Whether you choose to contribute your hard-earned money to fund the the U.S. Jokhang Temple, or to support our efforts on a day-to-day basis, these donations exclusively fund the nurturing of Tibetan Buddhism and its culture in the West. 


We currently offer three donation options. Click to go to that section!

  • Membership - a monthly or annual donation. Choose one or both!

    • Sustaining Fund Membership - to support the monthly mortgage payment of the US Jokhang Temple

  • One-Time Donations - dedicate your support to a specific area of center activity.

  • Capital Campaign Donation - We invite you to join our ambitious effort to pay down our mortgage completely by 2025. Read more here...


All donations are tax-deductible. We thank you for your support!

Sustaining Fund Membership
for the US Jokhang Temple

The US Jokhang Temple property has been purchased! May all beings benefit! While this is definitely a cause for celebration, we must continue our fundraising efforts to successfully fulfill the entirety of Lama Sonam's vision!  Sustaining Fund Membership will ensure that the US Jokhang Temple can thrive many years into the future.


Our NEW GOAL: Completely pay off our mortgage in 5 years. Yes, we can do this! If everyone chips in even a little, if you join the Sustaining Fund Circle and make a monthly donation, then we can be mortgage free in five years. Emaho!

Please help us actualize the US Jokhang Temple vision!


General Membership

General Membership donations help meet the daily needs of our lamas and our Center. They also support our ability to offer profound teachings, practices and events throughout the year.

Select Your Membership Donation Option Below!

One-Time Donations
one time
U.S. Jokhang Temple Fund

Your one-time donation goes directly to the US Jokhang Temple - future home of the U.S. Jowo Rinpoche statue. 

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