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Capital Campaign
U.S. Jokhang Temple

Join our vision

to secure the permanent home

of the U.S. Jowo Rinpoche

After decades of effort and planning, and the generous support of members and friends, the DMC was able to close on our new temple property in Danvers, MA. We are so grateful!

The U.S. Jokhang Temple is the culmination of Ven. Lama Konchok Sonam’s vision to establish an authentic North American Jokhang Temple. To learn more about the U.S. Jokhang Temple vision and mission, click here.

Jowo Rinpoche Close Up, inside his new home in the US Jokhang Temple

Our Capital Campaign

Help us raise

The DMC is currently carrying a mortgage of $639,000 from Citizen Bank, at a commercial interest rate of 3.75% fixed for five years, adjustable thereafter. This means that in five years our interest rate could go up significantly, which is a cause for concern.

Since August 1, 2021, the DMC has been paying $4,338 monthly in mortgage, property tax, and insurance.

US Lama Sonam sitting in front of the new Jokhang Temple, in Danvers MA
Floorplan of the US Jokhang Temple in Danvers, MA

The DMC pays another $1000 for utilities and upkeep of the property. Being a small nonprofit with limited resources and network, it can be extremely challenging to sustain a bill of $5500 monthly.


Thankfully, our monthly mortgage obligations are now being met by our  Sustaining Fund Membership -- a grass-roots campaign of individual donors committed to monthly donations.


However, if our interest rate suddenly increases in 2026, meeting our monthly obligations will be much more difficult.

Therefore, we have launched a Capital Campaign to pay off our mortgage in five years.

With your support, we can become completely mortgage-free by 2026. Yes! We can do this!

​How You Can Support the Capital Campaign

Become a Benefactor: It is our hope that you, or someone you know, will become a patron of this historic project. 

The vice president of our board of directors, Tamdin Wangdu, serves as the main point of contact in matters related to finance. He’d be happy to connect with you to discuss these ideas further. If you are interested in discussing how you can support our Capital Campaign, please Reach Out To Us.

Offer Expertise: Since we are a small non-profit, and do not have the experience or connections to reach many potential patrons, any advice or expertise you could offer would be tremendously beneficial.

Spread the Word: Share our Capital Campaign Brochure with others! You can Download the Brochure Here, and share it via email or print.

Become a Sustaining Fund Member: Commit to a monthly donation to help meet our monthly mortgage payments. Click Here!

US Jokhang Temple in Danvers, MA
DMC Board of Directors joyfully posing in front of the new US Jokhang Temple in Danvers, MA
Lama Sonam sits before the Jowo Rinpoche Statue at the new US Jokhang Temple in Danvers, MA
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