The Drikung Meditation Center at the Jokhang Temple aims to bring benefit to the Tibetan community at large as well as the local Boston area.


The center's ongoing mission is to serve as a place where understanding between all religions, cultures and people may flower, and where spiritual seekers, scholars and the local community may freely experience and study Tibetan/Buddhist cultural and spiritual practices, art and philosophy. 

Among other things, the center and its members (led by resident spiritual director Lama Konchok Sonam) tirelessly work to provide and further develop the following much needed services and functions:

  • A public "Healing Garden"

  • A meditation room designed by Lama Sonam, with special lighting and decoration to help the mind find peace and calm

  • A Jowo Rinpoche Statue room for public meditation and prayer

  • Authentic Tibetan Buddhist spiritual teachings, practices, meditations, programs and retreats

  • Programs on the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and virtues such as compassion, for all age groups

  • An authentic pilgrimage site outside of Tibet for the exiled Tibetan community

  • A "Living Museum" for the preservation, creation and display of Tibetan arts and cultural heritage, and a space for the presentation of Tibetan performance arts

  • Interfaith workshops and symposiums to promote peace and understanding between all religions, cultures and backgrounds

  • Community outreach: offering techniques for stress reduction through mindfulness and meditation, to local government offices, police and fire departments

  • Visits to local schools, teaching mindfulness and compassion to children and teacher, to help them handle their negative feelings, and not lash out with violence or unkind words

  • Counselling for the addicted, depressed and grieving

  • Help for the elderly

  • Blessing rituals for homes, people and animals

  • End of life services

  • Tibetan medicine and yoga.

The center is also currently in the process of raising funds to purchase a new and expanded facility that will enable to it further grow and develop its service offerings to the community. The new facility is also intended to provide greater space and accommodation for practice groups, retreats, and guest housing, as well as larger gatherings for special empowerments and teachings by visiting and resident Tibetan spiritual masters.

Donations for the new facility can be made to the U.S. Jokhang Building Fund on our donation page. All contributions are greatly appreciated!

May all mother sentient beings, boundless as the sky,
have happiness and the causes for happiness!

The Drikung Meditation Center is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization.