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Heart Offerings: Membership & Donations

Welcome Members and Friends!

We welcome all members, friends and supporters of the center. Your support is essential to its very existence. We value your help to "hold and carry the Dharma for future generations."


Whether you choose to contribute your hard-earned money to fund the construction of the U.S. Jokhang Temple, or to support our efforts on a day-to-day basis, these donations exclusively fund the nurturing of Tibetan Buddhism and its culture in the West. 


Below are the various membership and payment options that are available. All donations are tax-deductible.


We thank you for your support!

Urgent Fundraising for the US Jokhang Temple!

We have raised enough for the down payment on a home for the US Jokhang Temple! How wonderful! But.....

The lease on our current location expires August 31, 2021! We are in urgent need of US Jokhang Sustaining Fund Circle Membership!


CLICK HERE to Learn More and become a US Jokhang Sustaining Fund Member!

Please help us meet this urgent deadline!

General Membership

Monthly Membership Subscription - (Debited automatically on a monthly basis)

Make a manual monthly membership donation:

Make an annual membership donation:

General Membership Levels

General Donation

Make a general, non-membership donation here. Specify any amount that you choose to donate. You can note for what purpose you want the funds used. 

U.S. Jokhang Temple Fund

Your one-time donation goes directly to the US Jokhang Temple - future home of the U.S. Jowo Rinpoche statue. 

Monastic Fund

Your donation will go to support the expenses of our resident spiritual director and visiting monastics.

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