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The U.S. Jokhang Temple

Support the Vision!

Our New Home!
We deeply rejoice!

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.
May all beings benefit!

  • Due to the enormous generosity of the community, in July  2022 we celebrated our first anniversary at the new home of the DMC U.S.Jokhang Temple in Danvers, MA. Emaho! This brings Lama Sonam's longtime dream of fully establishing a Jokhang Temple here in the US one very large step closer to fruition! 

  • While this momentous occasion is most definitely a cause for celebration, we still have work ahead of us to secure this very special property the is home to the Jowo Rinpoche Statue and the heart of our community. 

  • Help us fully actualize Lama Sonam's US Jokhang Temple vision! Read on!

DMC's New Home, the US Jokhang Temple
Board Members in front of the DMC's New Home, the US Jokhang Temple
Jokhang Temple Entrance
Our Progress
Phase 3 Underway!

We have approached this tremendous project in three phases.

Down Payment Fundraising



Property Downpayment / Mortgage Secured


Five Year Mortgage 
Repayment Goal

We Are Here!

Phase 3 fundraising supports securing the Jokhang Temple property, fully actualizing Lama Sonam’s vision of a flourishing US Jokhang Temple for future generations

The 5 Year Plan

  1. We continuing to grow our Sustaining Fund Circle during Phase 3, so that the US Jokhang Temple can thrive many years into the future. This circle of donors is committed to monthly donations, which will help us consistently meet our monthly mortgage, and expenses.

  2. A New Goal: The Capital Campaign   This campaign focuses on completely paying off our mortgage in 5 years. In 5 years our mortgage interest will increase to upwards of 8%. If we can pay down our mortgage commitment 20% each year we can avoid this and look forward to a more secure future for the Jokhang Temple.

On July 19th 2022 we met this goal for year one! With your help we can accomplish the 5 year goal and be mortgage free. Please consider making a generous Capital Fund donation towards this goal or becoming a member of the  Sustaining Fund Circle today.

  1. Click Here to read the full description of the monthly support options of the US Jokhang Sustaining Fund Circle,

Your Support
Is Very Important

So many ways to donate & every donation makes a difference!

  • Capital Campaign Donation
    Make a one-time donation
    Every donation makes a difference!

Join the Sustaining Fund Circle

Make a monthly donation

Here's how:

  • Select from the Sustainer Options of your choice from $500 to $30 monthly from the drop down menu,

  • then click Subscribe!

  • Donate by Mail
    Make checks payable to the Drikung Meditation Center, and note Jokhang Fund in the memo.
    Mail to:
    Drikung Meditation Center 
    c/o Lama Konchok Sonam
    29 Mohawk Street
    Danvers, MA 01923

  • Visit Our
    Dharma Shop!

    All proceeds from our Dharma Shop go toward the U.S. Jokhang Temple! You'll find beautiful and unique dharma items, consecrated by Ven. Lama Konchok Sonam.

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