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"My son of Tibet, never give up, never forget Tibet!"

Those final words of Lodru-la to her beloved son Soenam Jamyamling in March 1959 are what sustained and encouraged him through some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Born in a small village in the hills close to Lhasa, as a child Soenam Jamyamling made the perilous journey over the Himalayas to freedom in India with some of his cousins and uncles. His life's journey took him to Denmark, Iran, back to India and finally Sweden.

Despite personal tragedies and severe illness, he never for a moment forgot his Tibetan roots. His overwhelming desire was to provide education to the millions of children in his beloved country. With the help of his organization, The Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture, he successfully built 108 schools and libraries in all regions of Tibet. Soenam takes us through his remarkable life with characteristic humor and enthusiasm. His wish is that this book will help to encourage his fellow countrymen and keep the struggle for Tibet alive.

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"My Son of Tibet - Never Give Up"

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