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This Golden Dzambhala Treasure Vase is especially powerful for helping us to gather wealth. Having one in our personal space helps us reverberate with the healing energy of Golden Dzambhala. The treasure vase helps us gather wealth (both material and spiritual); increases our health, harmony, energy and happiness to help us on our journey towards enlightenment. Specially consecrated by Lama Sonam. Approximately 5" tall. 

Golden Dzambhala Treasure Vase

  • What Does "Specially Consecrated" Mean?

    These unique blessed items are prepared and consecrated by Lama Konchok Sonam, Spiritual Director and Resident Lama of the Drikung Meditation Center. Inside are many precious substances including relics of great Buddhist masters, soil and stones from Buddhist holy sites, sands from many great sand mandalas and other items too numerous to mention. Personally gathered by Lama Sonam and then placed inside in accordance with the scripture of sutra and tantra to aid all sentient beings through the power of Bodhicitta.  

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