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Rooms for Rent

A precious opportunity to live in a harmonious Dharma Center is now available for occupancy in a Tibetan Buddhist Temple.


There are 3 rooms, one is available for immediate occupancy and the other two available April 1, 2018.


The room available now is one of the 3 largest bedrooms. It measures 10x11'. Has a decent size closet. It is on the second floor. This room rents for $900.00 a month and is furnished.


The two rooms available April 1st, one is the second largest room measuring 12x12'. It has two closets and two windows. Also on the second floor. This room rents for $950.00 a month, this room also furnished.


The last room is quite small, it measures 8x8, has a good closet. Again, on the second floor. This room rents for $700.00 a month, and is not furnished.


All utilities are included, lights, heat, cable tv and wireless internet.


The house is open to all roommates, which include, the shrine room, the kitchen, a dining room, a living room on the second floor (with a 42" wide screen tv), and a laundry room in the basement. There are 2.5 bathrooms and hardwood floors through out. Off street parking is included.


There is an opportunity to plant flowers and an organic vegetable garden available for enthusiastic gardeners.


We are conveniently located within walking distance to Arlington Center, Menotomy Park, Spy Pond, the Minuteman bike path, CVS and Whole Foods.


We would like our applicants to:


1. Have compassion and wisdom.


2. Have respect for the Dharma and maintains a practice.


3. Has the patience and flexibility to live with others.


4. Is vegetarian or is willing to abstain from eating and cooking meat, fish and garlic while at the center, as with alcohol.


5. Is celibate or is willing to go elsewhere for such activities while living at the center.


6. We require everyone to take turns cleaning and perform water offerings in the mornings and evenings.


Interested applicants or for more information, please contact Dotty at 857-208-9978 or by email,