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How to Zoom

Learn How to Attend Events Online via Zoom

Join Us Live with Zoom


We are not currently hosting any events in a physical location, but we are continuing with our practices and teachings online with the Zoom app. These streams are offered to our community and to the public for free.


Ven. Lama Konchok Sonam, our Spiritual Director, is live streaming everyday!

Please be aware that Ven. Lama Konchok Sonam is sometimes called to perform necessary prayers for the local community. On these occasions Lama Sonam may request a senior student lead the practice session.

How To Zoom

  1. Install the Zoom app on your phone or computer or click on the streaming links and follow the instructions. Watching an event via Zoom is free. There is also a join by telephone audio option. 

  2. Get the Meeting ID and Password - Zoom has password protected all meeting spaces. Read the schedule below for further instruction.  

  3. Download the Texts - The texts for each practice are available for free download in our Online Library.


These streams are offered by us free of charge. However, if you find them valuable, please consider making an offering to the center. We are currently experiencing a shortfall in our operating account due to the pandemic, and deeply appreciate your support. Thank you!



Lama Sonam Teaches
Lama Sonam Teaches Little Bodhi Seeds
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