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Vasudhara Sand Mandala

From May 24 through 31, 2017, the Drikung Meditation Center presented the Vasudhara Sand Mandala, created  over the course of seven days, by Venerable Lama Konchok Sonam of the Drikung Center,  Venerable Khenpo Choephel from Three Rivers Dharma Center in Pittsburgh, PA and Venerable Ani Rinzen Khando from the Gar Drolma Buddhist Learning and Meditation Center in Dayton, Ohio, each working eight hours a day with great concentration and dedication.

The Sand Mandala is an offering made in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The intention is to focus the mind towards a peaceful aspiration prayer by creating a visible representation with sand over a several day period. Once completed, the Sand Mandala is dissolved and released, breaking down attachment and fixation.


“A Sand Mandala is creating an outer environment that reflects the meditator’s inner reality of peace, harmony and health as developed through meditation and contemplation,” says Lama Sonam. “This wish will extend to the entire community and world through the visualization and actualization of the Sand Mandala.”

Below are some pictures of the progressive creation and dissolution of the Sand Mandala over the course of a week.