The Vision

The U.S. Jokhang Temple will rise in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a shining jewel of blessings like its mother-temple in Lhasa, Tibet. And like its mother temple, the U.S. Jokhang will be home to a consecrated statue of Jowo Rinpoche - the only replica of that sacred statue outside Tibet (it currently resides at our Center.)

A unique spiritual and cultural treasure, the U.S. Jokhang Temple will serve as a meditation and learning center for students of all backgrounds; as a living museum preserving Tibet’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage; and as a true pilgrimage site welcoming all who wish to experience its beauty and peace.

Dharma Wheel

• To create a spiritual space where the understanding between all religions, cultures and people can flourish; where spiritual seekers, scholars and the local community can freely experience authentic Tibetan culture and spiritual practices together; where loving kindness and compassion can change each heart it touches, and thus the world.

• To offer spiritual education and retreat opportunities to the many Western Buddhist practitioners in the United States.

• To provide the Tibetan community in exile a place of spiritual pilgrimage and cultural heritage.

• To ensure that the rich spiritual and cultural history of Tibet survives and thrives through a living museum and active community.

• To recreate the distinctive architectural attributes of the Lhasa Jokhang Temple using master Tibetan artisans, thus keeping these techniques alive, flourishing, and available for the world to appreciate, outside of Tibet.

• A meditation room designed by Venerable Konchok Sonam, with special lighting, glass, and falling water, to help the mind find peace and calm.

• A Jowo Rinpoche Statue room for public meditation and prayer.

• Facilities for solitary retreat practice.

• A Living Museum for the preservation of the Tibetan cultural heritage.

• A Bardo room.

• A public 'healing garden' for the benefit of the local community and all visitors.

• A space for the presentation of Tibetan performance arts.


• Authentic Tibetan spiritual teachings and rituals.

• Authentic Tibetan meditation instruction and group practice retreats.

• Solitary practice retreat.

• Tibetan language classes

• Tibetan yoga

• Tibetan medicine


• Marriage ceremonies

• Blessing rituals for homes, people and animals.

• Counseling for the addicted, depressed, and grieving.

• End of life services.

• Guidance & help for the elderly

• Public programs on the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and compassion, for adults and youth.

• Interfaith workshops and symposiums to promote peace and understanding between all religions and backgrounds.

• Community outreach. such as offering classes on stress reduction through mindfulness meditation, to local government offices, police, and fire departments.

• Visits to local schools, and special school open house days, teaching mindfulness and compassion to children and teachers, to help them handle their negative feelings and not lash out with violence or unkind words.

His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche is the reincarnation of King Songsten Ganpo's great minister, Gar Tongsten. This minister brought the original Jowo statue to Tibet in 641 AD.

In this letter, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche expresses his love and support for the U.S. Jokhang Temple project, and urges all of us to support it as we are able.

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Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche founded the Drikung Meditation Center in mid 1980's.


In this letter, Rinpoche explains the importance and urgency of establishing a Jokhang Temple in the United States - as home for the U.S. Jowo Statue, and a place of sacred pilgrimage.

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